We Are One Community Unity in action . . .

We Are One Community Unity is a resource for those who truly need it most - the homeless and less fortunate people of Detroit. 
We Are One Community Unity is a self-funded organization that looks for needs within the Detroit community and fills those needs. 

Founder Jerrold "Jerry" Boykin looks to “provide transitional but stable support and resources for families in need.”  From feeding the homeless weekly to surprise car giveaways, the organization's goal is to be a blessing wherever they are able.  
Meet Jerry Boykin
Recipient of the Christmas Car Giveaway, Millicent Harris and her family with Mr. Boykin.

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!It's a blessing to be a blessing
  1. Food Ministry
    The We Are One Community Unity Organization provides free lunch every Wednesday at noon on Peterboro just west of Woodward across from C.O.T.S. (26 Peterboro Detroit 48201). Volunteers are always welcome to get involved by donating food, time, clothing, and toiletries.
  2. Car Giveaways
    We Are One Community Unity's Car Giveaway program began with a Christmas Car Giveaway in 2015. The organization followed with two more in 2016. The latest, in January of 2017 was a surprise to a DDOT passenger. The giveaway went viral!
  3. Mentoring
    We Are One Community Unity mentors youth to help them realize their full potential. Focusing on confidence building and conflict resolution, Boykin and other We Are One mentors have a proven track record for changing lives.
  4. Community Outreach
    We Are One Community Unity's programming is multifaceted. We serve the community through special events and activities throughout the year. Some of the programs include delivering truckloads of water to Flint, prom sponsorship, spending time with seniors, networking events and much more.